What wireless Bluetooth Headsets to run?

Running is very grateful and unfortunately quite boring physical activity. To keep up with the time spent exercising, many runners decide to buy a suitable running headset that will allow you to comfortably listen to your music while running.

The headphones for the runners is the whole mass. We can dress up between traditional fleas, earbuds and even round earphones. Connected headband, wired or wireless, most commonly via Bluetooth.

In this article we will focus on the most comfortable solution, ie wireless headphones. We will tell you why you should choose such equipment, what to look for by choosing wireless handsets and what parameters should they choose.

Use of wireless running headphones

These types of headphones basically have two important functions – to keep your head even in the most crazy gear, and to reproduce sound of good quality and sound.

Wireless handsets that are dedicated to runners can also be used for other forms of physical activity – cycling, gym, roller skating, skateboarding, or even at home or in the garden. The headphones will work wherever you get a head start, good sound quality and no annoying cable.

Why choose wireless running headphones?

Wireless headphones are primarily a guarantee of comfort and convenience. During the run we will not mess up the cable, which if it is long, may in extreme cases hook up with clothes, or we may inadvertently pull with his hands.

Wireless headphones just pair with your smartphone or other music player, put on your ears and enjoy the music. Listening to music during the run can be a great motivator and aid in overcoming distances and improving your time and records.

What to look for when choosing a wireless running headset?

It is known that there are no universal headphones that will please every runner. Carefully consider the choice of your headphones, because it will serve us during the gears – both short and long.

Wireless construction is usually an earphone or earphone. However, there are ear and face models. Most runners headphones are semi-open or semi-open devices that provide good insulation from the environment. Semi-open earphones are also quite decent ventilation.


Jogging heads are equipment that is prone to flooding and bad weather. When buying headphones, let’s take note of IP standards and water resistance. It is also good to check that the headphones are shockproof. After all, we can hook the head with a twig of a tree, or simply headphones off their heads and land on a hard pavement.

Headphones with built-in intuitive on-chassis control will allow you to comfortably switch, pause or resume songs without having to touch the player. During training it is important to focus on time and focus on training. The handset will be more intuitive and easy to use, the better.

On the market, we can find ordinary wireless headsets that need to be paired with a gaming device, as well as complete music sets that operate without the external player.

These types of headphones are usually equipped with a microSD memory card or internal, non-removable memory, to which you can upload songs by connecting a USB cable to a PC.

Different designs of wireless headphones for runners

The closed earphones deal less with the air supply to the ears, which makes them sweat faster while running. The great advantage of closed headphones is the good isolation of both the ambient sounds and the music flowing from the headphones. Isolation from the environment will allow us to focus on the run and only on it.

Open earphones do not isolate ambient sounds as good as closed headphones. However, they do a lot better with ear ventilation and are generally more recommended for running. When running around the city, you should be aware of what is happening in your immediate surroundings. Completely isolating ambient sounds makes it impossible for us to hear the carriage rushing at the signal or trumpeting the car on us.

Semi-open earphones combine the best features of open and closed earphones. These are the most expensive high-end models that reproduce well the music scene. In addition, semi-open earphones provide adequate air circulation to breathe the ears and scalp, and do not completely cut off from the environment. This type of construction is one of the more recommended for runners.

Parameters of running headphones

Sound quality consists of the level of distortion. The smaller the factor, the lower the distortion.


The sensitivity of the headphones is another important parameter to consider. The greater the sensitivity of the headphones, the better they will be able to process electrical pulses on the sound waves that flow to our ears. Sensitivity is expressed in dB / mW.

The SPL determines the maximum volume that we can get from the headphones. When choosing open and half open constructions, it is important to ensure that this parameter is relatively large. But keep in mind that too much listening to music can damage your hearing, especially when you listen to it with headphones.

It is also good to check their impedance when choosing a handset. The small impedance makes it easier to get the maximum volume of the headphones because the electricity will suffer less resistance. The small impedance, however, makes it easier to interrupt the transmitted signal. Headphones with high impedance in turn will be quieter and more difficult to disrupt the signal sent to them. The average impedance is about 30 Ohms, and its range varies from 10 to over 100 ohms.